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Looking Back

A Sonnet, by Ephraim Figueroa, with permission.

And when I think of all my days gone by,

Which seem like waves that beat against the shore,

I bow my head and heave a heart-felt sigh,

And wonder if I’ll be allotted more

By Him who in His wisdom governs all,

Or if my days are closing to an end.

And then I try the good days to recall,

And ask the Lord those days to send again.

But as I ponder things in such a way,

I tell myself, “You should not muse like this,

But rather ask of God that you not stray

From His good path that leads to perfect bliss;

The path that all the righteous trod before,

That leads us to that calm beyond the shore.”

Copyright 1998, 2022 Ephraim Figueroa


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